Regulation - Opening hours


Monday until Friday: 10:00 - 14:00
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

The library is administered by the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum and funded by the regular budget of the foundation. The library's initial purpose was to support research, museology and the exhibition programme, as well as the Museum's scientific staff. Over time, the library has evolved into a specialised information center in the field of the visual arts. Today, the library serves mainly art history scholars, doctoral candidates, undergraduates, graduates and students.


Internal users include all staff members of the National Gallery and its annexes.

External users include all individual readers conducting research, the subject of which is covered by the library's collection.

Lending - user reading-room

Lending is restricted to internal users only.

The library does not lend reference material and periodicals, as well as material from its archival collections.

External users can use the library's services and materials in the reading room. Prerequistes for accessing the archival collections include a telephone appointment and application stating the purpose of the research.

Visitors are required to sign in at the entrance desk and present their identity card or passport.

Books are not returned to the shelves by users but remain on the tables. Only library staff can return materials to the shelves.

Users are required to comply with the recommendations of the staff and respect the area and other readers. The library maintains a quiet atmosphere where smoking, the use of mobile phones, as well as food and beverage consumption is prohibited.

Personal belongings and purses remain at the entrance desk of the library.

Interlibrary Loans

In special cases, the library lends material to other libraries or similar institutions.

Photocopies - Printing

The library has a black and white photocopier, as well as computer with internet connection and colour printing capability, which are available to the public.

The public has the right to reproduce material, while keeping in mind the relevant provisions of Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Protection.

The fee is 6 cents per page for black and white photocopy and 30 cents per page for colour print.

In order to protect the collections, photocopies are not permitted for publications dating  before 1920, the archival collections and material in poor condition.

Acquisition of material

The range of purchases follows the prioritization of needs and is based on the yearly budget.

The library cooperates continuously with the scientific staff of the National Gallery for acquiring new material.

At the same time, the librarians keep current with Greek and international library catalogues and proceed with purchases correlating to the library's needs.

The library accepts book donations provided the material reflects the scientific level of the library. Decisions for large donations are made by the Governing Council of the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum.

The library conducts exchanges with related libraries and institutions involved in art history publications in Greece and abroad.

Publication of material
The publication of material belonging either to the collection of works of the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum or to the library's archival collections or photographic archives is permitted following an application  to the National Gallery for payment settlement of intellectual property rights relative to each case, the material and use. Reproduction is undertaken by the photographer/Reproduction of Materials department of the National Gallery. After the procedure, materials are delivered to the user in digital format. The applicant signs a contractual agreement with the Museum, detailing the preparation process and delivery of material.

The library is equipped with a fire protection system, as well as an electronic alarm and anti-theft system.

Opening Hours
The library is open daily from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. for external readers, with the exception of the archival collections and photographic archives, where visits are scheduled by telephone appointment.

For staff members of the Museum, the library is open from 8:00 a.m. - 3 p.m. daily.