Who may use the library?

 The library is open to all! The only requirement is to present your Greek Identity/Student Card or Passport at the entrance to the Museum .

What are the operating hours?

 Daily from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. , with the exception of the archival collections and photographic archive, where scheduled visits require a pre-arranged telephone appointment.

Is it a lending library?

 Borrowing is not permitted. Use of the material is restricted to the reading room only.

May I make photocopies?

 The library has a black and white photocopier, which is available to the public.  You are advised to keep in mind the relevant provisions of Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Protection.

The fee for photocopying is 6 cents per page.


To protect the collections, it is not permitted to photocopy material printed before 1920, as well as content of the archival collections  or material in physically poor condition.

Can I take photographs with my own camera?

You are allowed to take photographs without flash as long as the photography is used exclusively for research purposes. (see Request Permission to publish/reproduce material) 

Is there open access to all collections?

 The general public has open access to the majority of the books and periodicals collections. Access is limited to the older periodicals, rare editions and archival material, which are under the supervision of the librarians. Use of the archives must be preceded by a telephone consultation, as well as completion of an application stating the purpose of the research.

Can I publish material from the archival collections and the photographic archive?

Publication is permitted following a request in writing to the National Gallery and after settlement payment of intellectual property rights depending on each case, the material and intended use. Reproduction of material is undertaken by the photographer/Reproduction of Materials department of the National Gallery. After the procedure, the material is delivered to the user in digital format. The applicant signs a contractual agreement with the Museum stating the preparation process and delivery of material.

Does the library offer internet and wifi to the readers?

The library does not have a wireless network. Visitors have the possibility of using a computer with Internet access and connection to color printer.

The fee is 6 cents per page for black and white prints and 30 cents per page for color printing.