From the library premises of the National Gallery, you can access the following databases.

Art Price. International database indexing the art work of major auction houses.
Art Price:

J-STOR. Connect via the portal of the Ministry of Culture to the library's digital magazine J-Stor. The database includes the full text of 150 magazines in the arts and humanities. The database does not include current magazine issues.

Innews . Database indexing Print Media nationwide. The library is a subscriber to cultural and art publications. This provides the possibility to search the full text of publications from 01-11-2003 to the present.

National Documentation Center (EKT) -National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals.
The library is also a member of the National Network of Science & Technology Libraries. Through the National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals, you can search titles of periodical publications which can be found at the library of the National Gallery or at other libraries in Greece.
National Documentation Center (EKT) -National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals: